Weekly Update #19 - Combat Log

I've added a new feature this week. The combat log allows you to see what actions have been unleashed during a battle. The descriptions are fairly basic right now, but this base system will allow a lot more in the future with things such as damage and targets. I've also added a few quality changes and a much needed resolution option in the settings menu. Here are the full changes.

  • The combat log has been added to battles as a new feature. This allows you to see previous actions from yourself and enemies during a battle.
  • Music now transitions more smoothly between transitions on the dungeon board
  • Resolution and fullscreen options have been added to the settings menu
  • A new battle track has been added
  • Some GUI has been updated in the pause menu
  • Fixed a bug causing debuffs to not properly decrease when attacking with an ability
  • Fixed a bug that could occasionally cause additional hiscores to be made and increased exp gained/currency on defeat

I'll be showcasing the game later this week so expect a small - medium sized update next! Until next time, Thanks! :)

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Noticed while playing today once I reached area 6 occasionally when clicking on a battle the screen would go black.  Backing out to main menu and continuing seemed to fix it.  Once I got to area 8 though it kept happening no matter what.  Love the game, it's been a lot of fun.

Thanks for letting me know! Any more info you can give e.g the class you were playing and what abilities you had would be super helpful. No worries if not though, I'll be looking in to it :) Thanks for playing! 

I was playing with Nimble but I couldn't tell you what abilities I had, sorry.

No problem, I'll hopefully track it down for next update. Thank you!