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It's been a while since there have been any updates.  Are you still planning on continuing development?  Personally, I love the game as-is, but would also really like to see more content added.  Either way, I will be supporting you with a payment soon.  6+ hours on a "free" game means I should be giving something back to the developer!

Very cool game!

I made a let's play with the Nihilo character. Check it out, if you'd like: 

Awesome video! Thanks for playing :)

I wish! I could make a game like this.

Takes time, practice and a lot of tea :P Thanks for the compliment!

This is super fun and addictive.  Are there any plans to continue development? I like what's there already but I'd love to see more!

Good to hear you're enjoying it :) I'm still planning to continue development soon and I'll be creating a new development post about it shortly. Thank you so much for the support!


Been really enjoying the last few updates, game's been feeling a lot more polished and fun, you're bringing a lot more diversity to the gameplay nowadays, good job dude!

Keep up the great work~

Thanks for the kind words :) I've got a lot more planned for the future so I hope you will continue to play!

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I like the new update!  This game is WAY too addictive.  Keep up the good work.

Glad to hear it! Thanks for your help with that bug. Your support means a lot :)


Really enjoyed it :D It's easy to get sucked in and lose an hour just slaying enemies (':


Thanks for trying it out friend! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


Very addictive, and great that updates are consistant. Looking forward to future content.

Thanks, I appreciate it! Hope you're enjoying the game :)


wow before i knew it i had been playing this game for over 4 hours lol, great game! keep up the good work and i look foward to any updates!

Wow, that's great to hear :) I look forward to making it even better. Thanks for playing!


Hey, thanks!
Looking forward to the next Update :) I haven't decided on my favourite class yet, I'll have to play through with them again!  I like the art style.

Thanks Matt, glad you're enjoying it! :)